The comparison of top anti-acne products

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Anti-acne diet

Food, except for taste experience, brings many important nutrients necessary for the body. It is even said that food can cure diseases. And there is some truth in this statement, because it is for a reason that during convalescence a special diet is recommended. Can a proper diet help fight acne? Can it prevent its recurrence? Let's try to answer these questions. Scientists still debate if indeed what we eat can have any effect on whether acne is developing faster or slower. Without a doubt, a well-planned menu won't hurt and it can be undoubtedly one of the elements of an anti-acne treatment.

Rigorous menu

This is how in two words an anti spot diet can be described. If you really want to deal with spots or you just want to avoid their appearance - you should forget about many pleasant things. The question of the effectiveness of anti-acne diet sometimes raises doubts. One of the such doubts is using hot spices in dishes. On the one hand, it is said that acne patients should not use such food additives. Others, however, claim that it does not matter at all. It is safe to avoid hot peppers and pepper and it is good to replace them with herbal spices.

Another important issue are the so called highly-processed products. They include a lot of artificial dyes, flavors and preservatives. An example can be cola-like refreshments and sweets. What's more - anything that has a long shelf life can be harmful. But in this very case you should treat it literally it. Rice and pasta will not hurt you and they can be stored for a long time. Of course, if you suffer from acne, you should avoid all fast food. Greasy foods are also not recommended. Forget about fried food. So as you can see, discipline is huge.

What can you eat?

It would seem that there is nothing you could eat, but this is not true. Although, you may find the changes really drastic. First of all, you need to focus on vitamins and elements required by acne skin. The most important role - and rightly - plays zinc. A diet of a person suffering from acne should include products that contain lots of zinc. You will find zinc mainly in grain products. It is also present in the legume vegetables and liver.

Vitamins you need to take are Vitamin A, C and E. The first of the previously mentioned vitamins is really a pro-vitamin often referred to as beta-carotene. You will find most of it in carrots and broccoli. Vitamin C is found in basically all fruits and vegetables, but it is black pepper and parsley that are really rich in it. The latter ingredients can be found in tomatoes and nuts.

Supporting your diet

As I mentioned earlier, a properly planned menu is only one part of an anti-acne treatment. Very often a treatment involves using various types of preparations or even medicine. Anti-acne preparations can be divided into two groups. First, there are typical dietary supplements, whose job is to deliver the most important nutrients to the body. An example of such products is Universal Nutrition, which contains zinc among its other ingredients. The second group of preparations are specific products designed to fight acne. Most of them have a natural formula and apart from vitamins and minerals their unique characteristics is that they contain plants. Here, the flagship example can be Nonacne. When it comes to medicine, it is necessary to mention Acnosan.

Acne diet can bring expected results only if you give up eating processed food, allergens and artificial foods, fried or greasy foods, and focus your attention on products rich in valuable elements and vitamins. Such a diet will not only serve your skin, but it will also be beneficial for the condition of the whole body.

See the comparison of top anti-acne products