The comparison of top anti-acne products

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Home remedies for acne

Not everyone can afford expensive treatments that remove visible effects of acne. This is one of the reasons why home remedies for pimples are so popular. Besides, in most cases home remedies are very easy to prepare. Maybe not all of them are tasty, but they all have a lot of benefits. Apart from the ease of preparation, it is also worth to mention their ingredients. A short time that we spend preparing a home remedy is one thing, but what ingredients we use is another. It is obvious that in this case the ingredients will be products that you can find either in the kitchen or in the medicine cabinet. And this is absolutely the biggest advantage of home remedies.

Look around, ingredients are everywhere!

Yes, it is true. Just take look at some recipes, for example a recipe for cucumber tonic. This green ordinary vegetable can be found in almost every refrigerator. Just grate it (the size of grating slots is basically irrelevant), and mix it with necessarily boiled water. Be careful not to spill cucumber juice while grating, because it is the most important part of this tonic. Another very popular tonic that you can easily prepare at home is the one using vinegar. Mix this ingredient (a small amount - a dozen vinegar drops is enough) with water and wash your face. The effect is instantaneous, because the tonic dries up your face, so pimples do not have a chance to crop up. Remember, however, not to use it too often, because excessive drying of the skin on the face might end badly.

Masks and steam facials

Home methods are more than just tonics. Of course, cleaning your face with their assistance is necessary when fighting acne, but there are also other methods that complement the treatment. Let’s begin with the one that does not taste too good. I am talking about yeast. If you have acne, it is recommended that you drink a solution with this popular cake ingredient. You can prepare a mixture of water and yeast, but a better solution is to mix yeast with warm milk. You have to drink it once a day.

If you are not necessarily a fan of dissolved yeast’s taste, do not worry, because there are plenty of home remedies. For example facial masks that have different action and formulas but the same goal - fight acne. Potato starch, for example, is the ingredient that is very often used in the home cures for pimples. This is due to its properties. First, it tones down the skin (acne skin very often “shines” in an unsightly way) and closes pores that are inside the skin of the face. It is also important when dealing with acne.

Steam facials, on the other hand, is a term that describes especially prepared infusions, which are not used for drinking or washing the face. Their action involves steam affecting the skin that comes from hot water mixed with other ingredients - in this case with herbs. It is also a very popular way to fight acne. When it comes to the selection of specific ingredients, they are often blends of plants. However, there are particular plants that have the greatest potential for eliminating acne. It is worth remember two names: pansy and chamomile.

Home cures are one thing, but...

Some people emphasize that home remedies may not be enough, or that they do not work. It is true to some extent only. However, when you decide to fight acne with home methods it is good to support yourself using professional preparations with natural ingredients, which are designed to remove and prevent spots. Nonacne, for example, is one of the most popular acne products that will help you in the fight with pimples from the inside.

Remember, however, that such preparations should contain only natural ingredients. Since you have already decided to use home methods, you might want to stick to home remedies only, so that your face does not experience a shock when you treat it with “chemistry”. The effectiveness of home remedies is obviously not full, so it is important to use various methods of treating acne at the same time.

See the comparison of top anti-acne products