The comparison of top anti-acne products

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How to get rid of acne

You must realize that spots are really a symptom of a skin disease. This is a technical term for acne. Fortunately, in most cases you can deal with it. The question that remains is what method to use to treat it. In the fight against acne, common sense is especially important. If the disease is limited to only "a few" zits and does not leave scars, it is clear that you will not need to consult with a doctor. Simply put, you do not need to use the biggest and most powerful weapons against acne, because home remedies may suffice.

See what you have in the fridge

Home methods are mostly very cheap, which can be a big advantage for many young people who have problems with pimples. Also, home methods do not require specialized knowledge, and they are easy to prepare. The ingredients you need can be found in the kitchen without problems. Despite a rather amateurish approach home methods are showing, they are based on the same assumptions as professional treatments. First, you must stop the excessive secretion of sebum, which is the cause of acne. Secondly, they have antiseptic properties. It is also important to prevent the emergence of new spots, but this aspect is often neglected. Yeast, yoghurt, honey and apple vinegar will help you in achieving such results.

Also remember about the herbs, which are the primary ingredient in many natural anti-acne lotions and tonics. For example the aloe vera juice. You can buy it at a pharmacy without any problems. It is used for facial skin care, which is very important if you want to get rid of the visible signs of acne. You can also grow aloe yourself in a pot. Another herb that can be useful is chamomile. Supplements, preparations...

Home methods are often criticized and some people are just afraid to use them on their own without proper knowledge. And such people can benefit from the second group of “anti-acne weapons". This group consists of both the medicine available in pharmacies (in most cases over the counter) and preparations - often referred to as dietary supplements - containing natural ingredients. It's hard to clearly predict which ones are better and more effective. In some cases, chemical substances can be helpful and in other a better solution will be natural. The choice can be simplified to: Benzacne or Nonacne. The former product is sold in pharmacies as a drug, the latter is a product basing its action solely on natural ingredients.

Technology and acne

If the problem is much larger than a few spots on the face, it can be a sign that you should use much more sophisticated methods. Remember that acne is not solely the domain of the young and can appear not only on the face. If the methods you have used previously did not help, it may be time for a laser. Such type of light therapy can be a good solution. Laser beam kills bacteria and contracts the pores. These are two main "features" that will allow to fight acne. Unfortunately, the problem lies in the fact that one treatment is usually not enough. And it is easy to guess that it is not cheap. In fact, the prices of laser therapy are very diversified. You can pay $50 for a procedure, but the price in some cities can be inflated up to $130.

This is why the question of how to get rid of acne is not so easy to answer. The method you choose should be well thought out, tailored to the scale of the problem, but also to your financial means. It is also a good idea to consult your choice with a doctor, because the choice of the right method often depends on what the doctors said. For example, if it turns out that your skin reacts badly to artificially produced ingredients, the only solution will be preparations based solely and exclusively on nature.

See the comparison of top anti-acne products