The comparison of top anti-acne products

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Natural methods for acne

Acne usually appears when the body undergoes huge hormonal changes that affect the condition of the skin. Spots are not easy to fight, but fortunately there are many ways to put them to sleep or eliminate completely. To know how to fight acne, first you have to get know it better. What you see in the mirror - spots and papulas - is the result of over-stimulated sebaceous glands. Under normal circumstances, their secretions protect the skin against external factors, but if there is too much of the so called sebum, then the problem arises. You can fight acne in many ways. It happens that in extreme cases, surgical intervention is needed. Fortunately, in most cases it is enough to use regular preparations that can be bought at any pharmacy or use home methods often referred to as “natural”. This is mainly due to the fact that they do not use artificially produced chemical compounds. Only nature.

The power of herbs

Plants are most commonly used in the "home" fight against acne. You can, for example, prepare a mask using fieldstone pansy. Just mix it with milk until smooth. Leave on your face for 20 minutes then rinse off. Remember, do it using a solution of water with chamomile. To cleanse the skin (this is very important in the fight against spots), use so called steam facials (herbal, of course). Three times a week prepare a mixture of chamomile, linden flower and sage with boiling water. Place your face over a pan and cover your head with a towel, so that no steam goes outside.

Potato flour, yeast, curd...

No, we are not going to cook now. The abovementioned products are typical ingredients used in home methods for acne. Yeast for example can be taken in either a liquid state (its quite distinctive taste should be kept in mind, though) or used as a facial mask. Just add a little bit of milk and stir. Twenty minutes on the face and then rinse with water. Curd, in turn, should be mixed with semolina and honey. In the case of this facial mask there is no particular time recommended to wash it after. After removing the mask from your face, wash the face with previously boiled water. Potato flour mentioned before is an ingredient of a simple mask with water. It does not really matter what products you will use. What is important is one characteristic they should posses: high content of minerals and vitamins.

Help from the inside

In the fight against any skin problem it is important to act both on the outside and on the inside. Here, preparations containing vitamins and minerals can play a significant role. So as you can see, the ingredients are similar to the ingredients of facial masks and steam facials. It is good when such a preparation has a natural formula, it is always safer. Its action is also important. For example, Nonacne eliminates and prevents the appearance of skin changes caused by acne. When choosing a particular preparation pay attention to whether it is suitable for both women and men. Security, the lack of side effects and price are also important. However, I would warn against using only such preparations. They can supplement the treatment but they should not be the sole element of it. You can easily combine them with both the natural methods for acne and professional treatments. The bottom line is that the combination of several methods should bring the effects that will completely eliminate spots. You can also bet on prevention, which will allow you to go through puberty unscathed and without acne.

See the comparison of top anti-acne products