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Treating acne rosacea

We associate acne mainly with puberty when hormones make spots appear primarily on the face. However, this is a skin disease that can attack when you have long forgotten your "youthful rebellion" years. Just like with acne. Rosacea is the Latin name for a chronic skin disease. Rosacea is one of those diseases which you should treat using professional methods and use home remedies selectively, because you cannot be sure if they will prove effective.

Women's disease

Such term may describe acne rosacea. To put it simply, rosacea affects women much more often than men. However, in men the symptoms are much more severe and harder to fight. In women, rosacea usually occurs between 30 and 50 years of age. Medicine even further clarifies who is most affected by rosacea. If you have so called phototype I and II skin, then you are at risk. If during the holiday months you very easily get sun burnt and your have fair skin and hair, then you are at risk of developing this disease.

Causes of rosacea

Before I introduce methods of treatment, let’s talk about causes of rosacea for a few seconds. It is quite important to know them, because then it is easier to choose the method to combat rosacea. Food allergies, poor diet and toxins - these are the most common, but not only, factors contributing to the appearance of rosacea. You can act preventively by eliminating these factors from your surrounding, changing your diet and cutting on too greasy and spicy dishes. It is worth taking note of this if you are in a risk group.

Treatment of rosacea

It's a complicated process, especially when the disease is in an advanced stage. You can distinguish between several methods of treatment. In some cases rosacea may require surgical intervention. Most frequently men have to deal with this situation when the so-called nodular hyperplasia develops.

Most often, however, the treatment involve oral medications. And here you will notice a clear distinction between medicine and preparations based on natural ingredients. In the first case, most commonly used antibiotics are tetracyclines. Also the so called retinoids are very popular methods for treating rosacea. It is worth to note these are medications (antibiotics to be exact) so there is the risk of liver damage. For this reason the period of the treatment must be strictly controlled. Typically, after a few weeks, the treatment has to be stopped.

Preparations, however, has one important benefit - their formula is natural and there is no risk of the damage to the liver. That is why the treatment can be continued without worrying about its safety. Nonacne is one of the products of this type. They are becoming increasingly popular, partially because they do not cause side effects.

Rosacea can also be treated with phototherapy and the laser technology. In both cases it usually takes place under the supervision of specialists. But not always, because there are also home use devices that are using the former or the latter method. However, if you prefer that someone helps you, it is not problem, because such procedures are performed in virtually every major city.

I have also mentioned home remedies for acne rosacea. They are limited primarily to using herbs in the so called steam facials where the precious ingredients contained in plants are released by pouring boiling water over them. For sure, what you can do on your own at home to somehow support the treatment is increasing the vitamin intake. First and foremost PP and B2. As research has proven, these vitamins can significantly help people suffering from acne rosacea. Also this disease does not tolerate sunbathing. Both sun bed and natural sunbathing. That is why you should avoid sunbathing.

See the comparison of top anti-acne products