The comparison of top anti-acne products

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Treating teen acne

The bane of adolescence. Studies have shown that many people go through this period unharmed - without even one zit. Much more often the problem of pimples affects men than women. Fortunately, we have many methods to choose from, which we can effectively use to fight acne. Acne and its visible effects show on the skin when the body starts to go through a hormone storm. They are the main factor that stimulates sebaceous glands inside the skin of the face. If they act in a normal way, the face remains clear. As soon as they start to secrete too much sebum, and in addition you do not necessarily care much about the hygiene, skin lesions commonly referred to as "pimples" appear on the skin.

Medicine and acne

Let’s start with discussing this branch of science, because its development has a pretty big impact on the fight against acne. Without any problem, you can purchase anti-acne drugs at a pharmacy, because most of them are available without the prescription. Therefore, it is good to remember to ask a specialist - a dermatologist if a given medicine is safe for you. These drugs are usually intended for topical application. They are available in the form of gels, creams and ointments. The most popular are Acnosan and Benzacne.

Home methods for acne

If for some reason you do not want to or you can not use drugs, do not break down. A facial mask or purifying tonic can be easily prepare at home. Just take a look around the kitchen to find the ingredients you need. And the truth is that you can use virtually everything you can find in the house. Yeast, honey, cucumber, yoghurt - you will find these products in every kitchen and they are the basic ingredients of anti-acne facial masks. A separate group of home remedies are those in which the main ingredients are herbs. Here, the most popular idea involves pouring boiling water over dry plant material. Thanks to the high temperature, herbs release precious compounds that are absorbed directly through the skin. It is important to make sure that during such a steam facial substances do not go in the air. Tightly covering yourself with a towel seems like an excellent idea. Herbs are also used for preparing tonics and they are often drunk as well. Acting topically in fighting acne is one thing, but it is also very important how you treat your body "on the inside".

Diet and supplements

This a bit mysteriously sounding last sentence can be very easily explained. Our body is a machine that needs fuel - minerals and vitamins. Whether we get them and in what quantities has a huge impact on our health and appearance. We can supply essential ingredients in food. The diet of a person having the acne problem can in no case be greasy. Certainly, the menu should be balanced and should include large amounts of vegetables and fruits. This will provide vitamins. Another helpful measures can be dietary supplements, which are typically developed on the basis of specific elements and herbs. These are not drugs in the strict sense, but they have such action. What distinguishes them is the fact that most of them are completely natural. On the one hand, they use the power of plants, on the other hand they are full of these elements and vitamins that are necessary in the fight against acne. One of the most popular products of this type is Nonacne, available in the form of pills that you swallow. But regardless of the method you chose, always be sure to frequently wash the face using products suitable for acne skin. Hygiene should be the basis of any anti-acne treatment. It is the hygiene that influences how effectively you can remove papules and zits from your face, as well as prevent them from reappearing.

See the comparison of top anti-acne products